3rd Grade Newsletter

May 2, 2016

Check out what we're learning next!

Math-Tables, Dot Plots, Pictographs, Bar Graphs

Reading-Review Summary, Main Idea, Vocabulary, Sequencing, Drawing Conclusions

Language Arts-Three Box Plan, Power Paragraph

Spelling-Adding a Suffix

Social Studies-Geography


Upcoming Dates-

May 5-Think College Thursday

May 9-STAAR Math (No visitors will be allowed on campus.)

May 10-STAAR Reading (No visitors will be allowed on campus.)

May 11-Fifth Grade Science STAAR (No visitors will be allowed on campus.)

May 12-Think College Thursday

May 12-Muffins With Mom

May 19-Think College Thursday

May 19-Volunteer Luncheon

May 20-Field Day

May 26-Think College Thursday

May 27-Club Friday

May 30-No School

June 2-Early Release 12:30


For our STAAR dates, technology will not be allowed in the classroom. We would recommend leaving it at home. Make sure your child gets a good night of rest and eats breakfast in the morning. Showing up late can add unnecessary stress so please get to school on time.

You can order your yearbook at www.balfour.com for $22.

Spelling words are available on spellingcity.com to practice.

Continue practicing your multiplication facts!

Please bring in a pair of earbuds for you student to use with technology. They will be for your child's use only. Earbuds can be purchased at the Dollar Tree for $1.