Mousa Altairi

My Life


I'm not one of those kids that are "normal" you shall say. I'm Mousa, Mousa Altairi. I'd like to tell you all about me. I'm kind of like other people. I have a house, 2 brothers, 3 sisters, and a mom and dad. I do taekwondo.


But my favorite sport of all is basketball. Basketball to me is life. I may be good, I may be bad at this sport. The only way you could find out is to play me. I would always go outside on my free time and just shoot some hoops. That's why basketball is life to me. I hope one day I can make it to the nba. I look up to Derrick Rose and Michael Jordan.

Derrick Rose and Michael Jordan are professional basketball players. Michael Jordan is the best basketball player in the world! As you can see both men are dunking on a 10 foot basketball hoop. I could dunk but not on a 10 foot goal. It would probobly be on a 7.5 goal. Thats why basketball is life to me.