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The meanest lady dead

Mrs . dubose was purnounced dead.. But before her exspected death she was able to break her morphine habit...Mrs. Dubose died of cancer in her home. Atticus Finche's son read to her for her last two months, to disract her from her pain.. and her withdrawl symptoms to the morphine..Though Mrs. Henry Lafayette Dubose was known by the meanest woman who ever lived (according to Jem and Scout Finche) she left a Camellia flower for Jem. Though Mrs. Dubose was a very oppinated woman to say the least,.. she will be remmebered.


By now, all of Maycomb knows Atticus Finch has defended local negro, Tom Robinson. Luckily, the maycomb tribune was there for the trial. When i witnessed Mayella Ewell's speach i thought that she was lying through her teeth. Her evidence was not reliable. She claimed that Robinson choked her, but it didnt make sense cause' he can't use both of his hand. If her black eye was on the right side, it means her attacker was left handed. And guess who's left handed.? Bob Ewell himself. We all know this case wasn't rape, it was domestic abuse. Bob Ewell beat his daughter for trying to get with a black man. Everyone knew Tom Robinson wasn't guilty, they just convicted him since he was a negro. If it would have been a white man, people would see how many lies were told in the courtroom.

Advice column "Ask Sally"

Dear Sally,

My name is Jean Louise Finch but my folks call me Scout. I'm havin' problems cause

i keep havin to beat up to beat people up. My daddy, Atticus says i need to stop cause i gotta fight with my mind. I think people who call my daddy a nigger lover needs to get fought with my fists. What should i do?


Scout Finch

Dear Scout,

Your daddy is right. You should fight with your mind to show those people that you're smarter than them. Than they won't mess with you no more. You'll also look more grown up and mature. Your daddy and teachers will be so proud of you if you choose to act like a lady and do the right thing.



House on FIRE.!

The reporter was on the scene the time the fire took place but by the time we got there it was too late. The house was already cought on fire and everyone came out safe. Kids were outside of their homes for protection while their parents were doing everything in their power to help. The maycomb comunity were helping in this time of need. Thank you to all of the people that has helped to get the fire out. Everyone came out safe. But now the question is, what started the fire.? Was it a person or an odject.? The only way to find out is to ask Miss Maudie.

Bob Ewell prenounced dead

Mr.Ewell was pernounced dead. The police say that Mr. Ewell was found on the floor with a knife in his back. Was it payback or was it an accedent? Police are questioning suspects right now. Who do you think it was? Was it his doughter? Was it the Fintches? Was it the Radley's? We'll let you know as soon as we find out. If you know or have seen anything, contact us right away at 123-456-7890