Blaise Pascal

The "Master" of Mathematics

Blaise Pascal's Life (1623 - 1662)

Blaise Pascal was born in Clermont-Ferrand, France on June 19th of 1623. In addition to his love of geometry, he also made an impact in calculus. He always was curious about math since his dad didn't teach him about it. He came up with many theorems, but his best one was probably his probability theorem.
After he gave up mathematics, Pascal devoted himself to religious preaching and helping the poor.
Like most scientists, he was also into hydrostatics, physics, and mechanics. He invented the hydraulic press as well as the syringe. His health was very poor, and he died at a tender age of 39.

Other Mathematitions during Pascal's Time

  • Girard Desargues: French, an architect, made Desargues Theroem
  • Gilles de Roberval: French, geometry and calculus, great math problem solver
  • Pierre de Fermat: French, geometry and probability
  • René Descartes: French, Cartesian coordinate plane
  • Etienne Pascal: Blaise's father, famous mathematician, restricted Blaise from learning math as his "teacher" (Blaise was homeschooled)

Some of Pascal's Greatest Inventions

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