Social Psychologist

Tara Sellers

What It Is

Social psychology is the scientific study of how people act, think, and feel in the context of society. That is how people's behaviors, thoughts, and feelings change because of other people.

A Social Psychologist specializes in the factors influencing human behavior in groups.

Description Of Job Duties

The duties of a Social Psychologist mainly depend on the environment they work in.

Some Social Psychologists might analyze previous social psychology research results or they made conduct original research.

Some of them focus on teaching and training students trying to become psychologists.

Some of them evaluate the efficacy of some educational programs and human resources practices.


The national average salary is around $88,400. In the state of Virginia, the average is $98,190.

Education Requirements

Bachelor degree (4 years) in either general Psychology or Social Psychology, Master's degree (Additional 2 years), PHD (2-4 Additional years).

State licenses may be required.

A Doctoral degree, work experience via internship, and passing an exam are typically required.

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