The city of dreams

The city!

Manchester is a wonderful city , full of joy and very friendly people.

Harvest Festival

A celebration of the food grown in the land. The appreciation in ceremonies and celebrations for the success of the harvest are common worldwide and very old. In England, thanked for successful harvests since pagan times. It is celebrated this day by singing, praying and decorating churches with baskets of fruits and foods in a festival called "Harvest Festival", usually during the month of September.

Manchester's your vacation.

Manchester is a city that is worth going before his death, is beautiful and full of charm where you have things to do at all hours! If you are looking for a place to spend your vacation, Manchester is your ideal place.

Old Trafford

Old Trafford is a football stadium in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester, England, and the home of Manchester United. With a capacity of 75,635, it is the second-largest football stadium in the United Kingdom after Wembley Stadium in London, and the ninth-largest in Europe. It is about 0.5 miles (800 m) from Old Trafford Cricket Ground and the adjacent tram station.