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Cold War Culture

What: The Lawrence Welk Show on radio and television, also known as the Dodge Dancing Party, Lawrence Welk's Top Tunes and New Talent Show, as well as other names.

When: 1951-1979, from Hollywood, California

Location: Living rooms all across America, on early Saturday evenings

Cause: Because people liked Lawrence Welk's early appearances, his shows were successful and grew in popularity.

Reason: People wanted to sit back and relax after a week of work. Businesses wanted to get the word out about their products. Also, there probably wasn't anything else on television. (Hey, there were only about 6 channels, in black and white)

Result: Companies were willing to pay big money to advertise during the shows. Dodge (automobile) was a primary sponsor. Others were Geritol (vitamins), Sominex (sleep aid), Aqua Velva aftershave, and Serutan (laxative) to name just a few.

Significance: Everyone wanted a TV, and the market took off. Also, Lawrence introduced the Beatles and Elvis to America on national TV. Another era of music was launched......