Phishing for Information

Can you tell the difference?

What is Phishing?

Phishing is when a person tries "fishing" for your information. You will most likely see it in a spam email or when a website asks you to click on a link.

How can I tell if an email is fake?

To tell if an email is fake look for:

  • Spelling errors
  • If the email starts with "Dear Client"
  • If they ask to enter in your credit card information
  • If there is a link to enter your information into
  • Look at the email address, Are there any spelling errors? Does it have the company name in it?

How do I prevent my personal information from being stolen?

Some ways to prevent your info from being stolen are:

  • Hover over the link, if a different URL comes up DO NOT CLICK
  • If it asks you to log onto your account open a new page and log on
  • If you know it is fake just ignore it and delete it

I've been phished! What do i do?

If you have been phished, it's okay. All you need to do is:

  • If you have clicked on a link that has downloaded something onto your computer, download an anti-virus software to get rid of the virus
  • Call your credit card company and notify them that someone has hacked into your account so they can lock it
  • Change your password immediately so they can't get into your account