The Health Of Our Water System

Created By: Aaron Weems & Holden Piner

The Health Of Water

It is important to understand how important our water is to everything on the Earth. The water affects our quality of life. Just as we need oxygen so do fish and other animals that live in water. The oxygen dissolved in water is called Dissolved Oxygen, or DO. Low levels of DO can cause stress to animals and organisms that live in water. Sewage and fertilizer can decrease DO levels.

To keep the waters clean we can properly dispose of oil and pick up trash and use less fertilizer than we do now. We can also be more efficient with conserving Energy and Gas.

Temperature And Nitrates Of Water

Temperature can affect DO levels. Cold water holds more oxygen than warm water. Nuclear Power Plants can increase lakes temperatures.

Nitrates are naturally occurring compounds of nitrogen and oxygen. There is mostly small amounts of nitrates in water. An excess of nitrates in lakes can lower the DO levels. NItrate pollution can com from animal waste and fertilizer.