Darius 1

By: Jessie Ross, Amber Burgos, Brian Barnett

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Darius 1 founded Persepolis and discovered many administrative texts inside.

He reorganized the Achaemenid empire and created territorial units called satrapies.

He had also built a palace in Susa.

He also killed Gaumâta.

What Role Did Darius 1 play in Persian History?

Darius 1 is the son of Xerxes. He was a Prince.
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What is Darius 1 Most Famous For?

Darius 1 was known for his GREAT building projects. Along with his several attempts to conquer Greece.

Is Darius 1 A Good Leader????

We think that Darius 1 was a good leader, because he helped form Persia in different ways. He was a faithful person to the gods.