The Boxer Rebellion



The Boxer Rebellion started in 1900 when the Boxers took Beijing and started pushing foreigners and Chinese Christians out of Beijing.

The Boxers destroyed Churches and blew up rail road because they saw them as "Foreign".

Empresses CiXI

Empresses Ci-xi was heavily involved in the Boxer Rebellion. She didn't like western influence in China. She thought the Boxer Rebellion could help her cleanse China of western Influence.
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The Name

The name boxer rebellion came from the name the Boxers who were the people pushing the foreigners and the Chinese Christians out. The people were called boxers because of their high skill in Chinese Martial Arts and their ability to with stand a bullet.

An Alliance

The United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Austria-Hungry, and Japan gathered together 20,000 troops to stop the siege in Beijing. They also rescue Chinese Christians and foreigners.

September 7, 1901

The Boxer Rebellion ended on September 7, 1901 with the signing of the Boxer Protocol. The forts protecting Beijing were to be destroyed, the Boxer and Chinese government officials who were involved in the uprising were punished, and foreign legations troops were to stationed in Beijing for defense. China couldn't import arms for two years and they agreed to pay more than $330 million in reparations to the foreign nations involved.

Wednesday, June 20th 1900 at 12am