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Hi, I'm the big man of the house, the new leader of the USSR. Whatever I say goes, and there is no changing back because I'm gonna make Russia great again! Industrialization and collectivization is key. Try and stop me, you will be put down! Join, or Die ;)

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The problem with this nation is that there are too many poor starving people. I will help them by doing industrial farming! This is a great idea.

The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic.

Help me fight against the Western capitalists!

I will end the famines by increasing farm production rates! More tractors and more machines will make the USSR great again even at the cost of people's safety and and health.

Poverty can end with the industrialization of this nation! We need to improve our technology at the price of any individual.

My 5 year plan will include raising mineral and energy production and raising collective farms that are run by peasants which will give them jobs.

Some pics of my good side (my mustache)