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How to become the perfect athlete!

To be an athlete you don’t have to be skinny or even fast at running. Being an athlete is about having skill at a particular sport. Even if you are totally awful and have no experience whatsoever at sports that does not mean that you can not practice and become the best at it. Take my advice and you are sure to become the best athlete that you have ever seen.

Step 1: eating healthy meals- Sometimes when you get home and you are hungry you just go straight for the freezer and get out that cold delicious ice cream but in reality you are just becoming a lazy eater who will soon become a sweet freak. Some healthier foods that you could replace for the sweet things would be: carrots, broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, etc. Eating vegetables is probably the best thing that you can have for a snack because it is making your bones stronger and they are definitely not junk food.

Step 2: Exercise- Yes I know what you're thinking, Exercise is probably the most common thing that you could ever think of but it’s true. Doing about an hour of stretching or even just going on a walk will build up your muscles. For example: One thing that you could do is crunches they help with your abdomen and help you become stronger in the core. Another thing that you could do is, Jumping jacks, they get your heart pounding and just help your body become used to being exposed to this much athleticism. In the picture to the left, it shows some things that you can do to get “Bruce Lee abs”. These are perfect because they are working your core to make you a whole lot more stronger and buffer. Just by exercising you can become a wonderful athlete.

Step 3- The last thing that you can do is become more involved with your community. Say that you wanted to play soccer but you have no experience. You can go to a park and/or recreational place that has soccer teams. They can train you and help you become more experienced. Just by adventuring out you can make a huge difference in your athletic career.

Take this advice and you are sure to become a better athlete in no time! You can always look up other ways to exercise and that can also help. Make sure that you sign up earlier though, because the later you start then the harder it will be to find a team or park that will have something for you to play on because everyone else will be more experienced. Take this advice, and you won’t regret it!!

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