The Safehouse

Keep your home safe with the Safehouse.

What is the Safehouse?

The Safehouse is a device that grants you secret access to a safe house if you are i trouble. Only the device will be connected to your safe house (so that you cannot be robbed of your privacy). It is a form of quantum teleportation, so it very advanced technology. It is installed in the house; the wall it is on will slide open when the button is activated, then your safe house's Safehouse will request permission to open. The button is located on the Safehouse app that is activated by your Safehouse after purchase.

Why should everyone buy one?

It will change their lives forever!

Many robberies, murders, and fires occur daily around the world. The Safehouse will help the victims of these horrible crimes get through alive. if you know someone or something bad is in your house, you can quickly escape, with your family and friends, and get to a safe place. It can be a life or death decision.

Damon and Dean

Changing the world one step at a time.