Create Your Own Story

Become a Writer

Introductory Paragraph

Do you like inventing stories? Do you like observing and reporting? Do you like writing for your own personal enjoyment? Then you should become a writer! With writing as your occupation you'll be able to create anything you can imagine. You will be able to write for your own personal enjoyment for a living!

What they do

As a writer, you would essentially write fiction or nonfiction novels, biographies or scripts. You could also conduct research to obtain information to report about. You can work for a newspaper, a magazine, broadcasts or freelance. You could write for just about anything and everything including yourself.

Work Environment

As a writer, your work environment can be just about anywhere! You can work in an office but if you don't want to work in an office, you can work from the comfort of your own home! Most of the time as a writer you work part time so you'll have plenty of time to do whatever you want!

How to Become One

To be a writer, typically you will need to acquire a bachelor's degree. The most essential thing for this job is strong writing skills since it is an extremely competitive field. The more work you publish the more successful you'll be! There are plenty of opportunities for different types of writers.


Depending on the type of writer you aspire to be the pay can range quite drastically. If you are a professional or scientific writer you'll be making about $60,000 a year but if you are an informational writer you'll be making about $50,000 a year. The median annual wage for writers and authors is $55,940.

Job Outlook

Although, the profession of writing will only increase by 3% from 2012-2022 if you truly enjoy writing it will not necessarily matter! Writing as an occupation is a very competitive field and its basically survival of the fittest since only the strongest survive. All in all, be prepared for a pretty tough competition.


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