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"Love Is Your Greatest Gift"

“ A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity." (Proverbs 17:17)

We live in a world of convenience and unfortunately not even our “Love Walk” is excluded. It is convenient to love someone when things are going well in their life and subsequently, when things are going well in our own lives. However, “Love” requires us to be compassionate, understanding, patient, and forgiving even when it is inconvenient.

“Love” requires us to respond the way heaven would, even if a different response seems justifiable in the face of adversity. “Love” requires us to forgive, even when it seems reasonable to walk in un-forgiveness. “Love” requires us to be compassionate, even when someone is undeserving of our compassion. “Love” requires us to give, even when certain individuals seem unworthy of those gifts. “Love” requires us to “Love” when it is most inconvenient to do so. Walking in Love, despite its convenience, fulfills the life of love, and actualizes our God-like potential. We must learn to Love at “ALL” times, and replace the sting of adversity with the healing powers of Gods Love.

And remember to 'Love God' and 'Love Others' For.... ‘Love Is Your Greatest Gift.’
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Partner With Batiste Ministries Today, and Help Us Teach the World About Loving God and Loving Others

We would like to extend a special invitation of consideration for your partnership with Batiste Ministries. By partnering with Batiste Ministries you will assists us in spreading God's message of Love to the ends of the earth. It is our mission to teach the world about the power of Loving God and Loving Others (Matthew 22:37-40), for Love Is Your Greatest Gift (1 Cor. 13:13).

"Dove Partner": $15.00 or less- Monthly Contribution

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For a minimum donation of $2.00, we would like for our partners and friends to have the "Love Is Your Greatest Gift" bracelet. It is the perfect way to remind yourself and others of our commitment to walk in Love daily. In addition, your donation helps us to continue spreading God's message of Love to the world.

Contact us at, and let us know which color you would like (White, Gold, Blue, or Pink). Then click on the donation link below to complete your order.

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