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Students are to be in class when the tardy bell rings. If not, the teacher will mark the student tardy to class in PowerSchool and provide a verbal warning to the student. If a student is tardy to 1st or 2nd Block, this is considered being tardy to school only. The student should be immediately referred to the attendance clerk to check in and receive a pass to class. A student may pre-arrange with his/her teacher to be tardy to class for academic reasons; however the student and teacher must be in agreement that the tardy be allowed.

A student who arrives to class more than 5 minutes after the tardy bell will be considered skipping. The student should immediately report to the attendance clerk to check in. At this point the attendance clerk will write a discipline referral for skipping and send the student to class with a hall pass.

The attendance clerk will document all tardies to school. Tardies to class will be documented by the individual teacher. When a student receives his or her third tardy to a specific class, the teacher should utilize a discipline referral to warn the student. This form should be signed by both the teacher and student and kept on record by the teacher. The following chart outlines the consequences for being tardy to school and/or class.

All students are required to sign in through the office when reporting to school late, as well as sign out through the office when leaving for all early dismissals.

All students returning from AM MTC will be required to sign in with a staff member upon their arrival back to BHS. This includes all students (bus riders and car drivers).

All students going to PM MTC will be required to remain in the cafeteria for the duration of first lunch. At the end of first lunch (11:51), these students are required to sign out with a staff member prior to their departure for MTC. This includes all students (bus riders and car drivers).