With out you where would I be ?


Dear Mommy,

Words can't explain how much I admire the things you have done for me over the past 18 years. We fuss we fight we've done everything and learned everything together. Your drive to push and be the mother to five is why I shine to become a beautiful women and mother in the further more. I reminisce on the days when you worked overtime and pushed harder and harder just to obtain a better life for all of us. The fact that school was the number one focus of your house showed that a mothers job was to expect and prepare her children for the best. Right now at this moment in time I'm at my peak life can't seem in greater. When I got accepted in to AVID I remember you bragging to all your customers and telling them how I was smart . You always had high hopes for me you never forgot the things I wanted to be in life from a chef to a hairstylist to owning a business that did both ! I loved that about you you had the memory of a god . Mommy where would I be with out ? How would I be know ? Would I be a rebel child ? Or maybe a High School drop out , I love you women and couldn't have been where I am know with out you and your dedication to me .