Hero Project

Madison F

My hero is my inspiration, and role model, she makes everyday a good day. My hero is my amazing mom, Dr. Sheri Fisher. She works North Shore Medical Center, where she specializes in pediatrics. She loves her job and enjoys every day there. My mom loves working with kids at work, and spending time with her kids at home. On this page you will get to learn why my mom is such an inspiration to me.

This is my mom and my hero, Sheri Fisher

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What is a hero?

When people hear the word hero, the first thing that pops into their head is an image of a man flying through the sky, or a person wearing a cape or a mask who saves the day, but a real hero is someone who helps people whether it’s small or big. There are heroes all around you, who help out people just like themselves. People don’t need to defeat criminals to be a hero, they need to inspire others to be heroes, they show how good it feels to be helped when they needed it, and make others want to help too. A hero really tries to make a difference, maybe for one person, or for many, they inspire others to be like them. Heroes put other people before themselves.

A hero is a doctor who operates at two in the morning to save a dying child's life. Imagine being woken up in the middle of the night, and leaving your family to save someone else’s, imagine being expected to save someone’s life in the middle of the night. Consider seeing a family sitting helplessly, knowing that you are their only hope. What would this do to a person? The only thing running through the doctor’s mind is the thought of how to save this person’s life. They don't have thoughts of how mad they were for being woken up at 2 a.m., they put other people before themselves. A doctor is a hero because they save the lives of many people everyday. A hero tries to make a difference, they inspire others to be like them, they put other people before themselves.

A hero is a firefighter who risks his life to save the lives of others. A building is on fire with people inside, and they can't get out. A firefighter climbs into the burning building to save the people inside. The firefighter risks his life to save the other people. Not one thought goes through his head about turning around and saving himself, he puts everyone inside the building before himself. This firefighter decided that the lives of other people should be put before his own, he saves others without question. He is a hero because he will do whatever it takes to save the people inside the building. He risks his life, to save someone else's. He has a family just like some of the people inside the building, but he continues to risk his life for the sake of the other people. A firefighter is a hero because he wants to make the world a better place, and when he does this, he inspires other people to be like himself. A hero makes a difference, whether it's big or small, and they inspire others to be heroes too.

Both doctors and firefighters are examples of true heroes. Anyone who inspires others, and tries to make life better for others, can be considered a hero. Anyone who can help others in any can be a hero, heroes are surrounding you everyday, maybe they're a police officer, or maybe they are just another kid, anyone can be a hero if they try. Think, are you someone's hero? What have you done to help others? How have you made a difference in someone's life? If you really think about it, a hero could be anyone you’ve ever met.

This is North Shore, where my hero works

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Who is my hero?

A hero is a person that really tries to make a difference, maybe for one person or for many. They inspire others to be like them, heroes put other people before themselves. Shailene Woodley is my untouchable hero. She is a famous actress who has many lead roles in various types of films. Shailene Woodley cares about others and the environment. She is a hero because she inspires others to be like her, and she puts others first. Shailene Woodley shows the characteristics of a true hero through her kindness and awareness.

Shailene Woodley is a true hero because she is environmentally aware and she truly cares about her surroundings, whether it is people or nature. According to Jenny Cooney Carrillo of The Sun-Herald, Shailene Woodley is a very down to earth person: "In fact, as soon as we sit down Woodley begins chugging water out of a large, recycled glass bottle that says 'God's blessing' on the side. She explains that after studying indigenous cultures four years earlier, she had discovered a website that listed the locations of wells in California and would often hike to them to carry out her own 20-litre non-plastic containers of drinking water." This quote explains how Shailene Woodley truly cares about nature, and she is very mindful of her surroundings. She is very aware, and would rather walk miles to get fresh water than hurt the environment by drinking water in which there are chemicals. This shows how Shailene Woodley is environmentally aware of her surroundings, and she doesn’t only care about herself. Not only is Shailene Woodley environmentally aware, she is also socially aware. In an interview with Shailene Woodley, conducted by The Sun-Herald, Woodley says, "'I got rid of my phone eight months ago because not having one taught me how to be present and to appreciate every moment,' she says." This shows how Shailene Woodley wants to be involved and engaged in daily life. Shailene Woodley inspires others, and motivates people to be like herself. She makes a difference in the lives of many people which is a very important trait for a hero to have.

Shailene Woodley is similar to Dr. Sheri Fisher, my mom, because they both love what they do, and they don’t let others get in the way of what they enjoy. Both Shailene Woodley and my mom make a difference, whether it is saving lives, or helping the environment. They both inspire others to help because people see what they do and want to do it too. According to an interview with Shailene Woodley, conducted by Newsmakers, Shailene Woodley says, "'The script reminded me of why I do this job, which is to tell stories that have meaning and impact,' Woodley recounted in the interview with Hirschberg. 'I thought, Do I want to quit? Or do I want to choose this life? I realized that we choose everything every day, and I've decided to choose this job.'" This shows how Shailene Woodley truly cares that she enjoys her job. In the interview with my mother she says how she choose her job because she enjoys working with kids, and enjoys being able to prevent serious issues. A hero is a person who help others and inspires others to be like themselves. Both my mom and Shailene Woodley help and inspire others which makes them true heroes.

Although my mom saves lives and Shailene Woodley doesn’t, Shailene puts forth the effort my mom does towards other things, like trying to save the environment. While they do different things to help society, they both end up inspiring others to do the same. If my mom were to meet Shailene Woodley, my mom would probably say that what Shailene Woodley does is so special and important, and it is good to think outside yourself. Both of my heroes have taught me how to appreciate other and really care about things that are important to us and others.

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Dr. Sheri Fisher

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