Why you are you!

What are Genetics?

Genentics is the study of heredity and genes. It determines what traits are passed down, and what your physical features are!

Gregor Mendel

Dominant vs. Recesssive Alleles

Hetero-homo, Phenotype-Genotype, and dominant and recessive allele

A heterozygous is a dominant allele paired with a recessive allele, while homozygous is two alleles that are the same ( RR or rr).A pehnotype is the physical trait ex. Blonde hair, Blue eyes etc. A genotype is the genetic make up ex. Gg, GG, ggA dominant gene is a gene that will always show over a recessive gene, if it is present. A recessive gene will only show if there is no dominant gene present.

How it works

A Punnett Square is a two-by-two square seperated into quarters. alleles are placed outside and then crossed to form new alleles which are distributed according to the probability of the ratio.
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Incomplete Dominance

Incomplete dominance is when two organisms pass down two traits that are not dominant, and they combime to make a new trait. A red, and white flower cross and create a red, and white spotted flower.

Sex-linked Traits