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The figures are staggering, with NBA's average player salary clocking in at $5.15 million.


To become pro you have to study a variety of activities that deal with sports. You will have to study health education, food and nutrition, and physical education. You will study these things so you can learn the basics of health, earn strength and stamina, and learn how food and health relate. You will also have to play on the team your school represents like the Kentucky Wildcats or the Oregon Ducks.

Skills Needed


Solve Problems

Manage People, Time, and Things

Work with People

Career Outlook/Future Jobs


Very small

Not many future jobs


As a professional athlete you would likely work for:

A professional sports team

Go to practices and training sessions.

Work with coaches or trainers to learn skills and get in better shape.

Stay fit by training, eating right, and learning from health experts.

Follow the instructions of coaches and sports staff.

Play or compete in sports events.

Go over results after events to see what needs to be improved.

Keep equipment in good repair.

Lead teams as captain.

Meet with reporters, make speeches, and take part in special events.

How to Become a Pro Basketball Player (For Beginner)