Civil War Timeline Project

Timeline from the Missouri Compromise to The Civil War.

What happened in between the Missouri Compromise all the way up to the Civil War?

There were lots of things happening in between the Missouri Compromise and the Civil war. Everything that happened starting at the Missouri Compromise helped start the Civil War. (Read Timeline to figure out what happened.)

Missouri Compromise (1820)

  • Missouri had been only a territory for a long time. People within the territory felt like it was time to become a state. Missouri celebrated too early because congress rejected their admission. Congress rejected their admission because they had only chosen proslavery men that did not have a majority vote with everyone. Finally after everything that had happened Missouri became a state on August 10, 1921.

Compromise of 1850

The Compromise of 1850 was when California was admitting to become a free state. California admitting to become a free state, would make people make the decision of Utah and New Mexico territories to become slave states. People decided whether or not they would become a free or a slave state with popular sovereignty. The Compromise of 1850 made it hard for Congress to avoid sectional and lots of slavery issues for a little.

Fugitive Slave Act (1850)

The Fugitive Slave Act was when people went out and found slaves that had run away and became free, then turned around and returned them to their owners. When any one was found helping a slave they would have penalties, like going to jail. But, later on people would get even more punishments if they interfered with the slaves capture. In lots of the Northern states they tried to pass special laws to stop them from taking free slaves.

Uncle Tom's Cabin is Published (1852)

When Abraham Lincoln was greeting Harriet Beecher Stowe he told her, "So you're the little woman who wrote the book that made this great war." Uncle Tom’s Cabin was about the hardships of a slave and a family of whites. This book really shows the horrible things that happen to slaves. Harriet’s book showed people in the north how bad it was to be a slave. This book caused an uproar all around the north. People think that this book, uncle Tom’s Cabin, caused the war to happen.

Kansas-Nebraska Act (1854)

The Kansas-Nebraska Act was in 1854 and it was a bill that was dealing with, popular sovereignty. It also allowed settlers of certain territories to determine whether or not slavery should be allowed inside of that state's territory. The Missouri Compromise was incapacitated by this bill. The 36° 30´ line was not the control of whether states could be slave or free states anymore. When states were to become free or slave states know it would all depend on the people being pro-slavery or anti-slavery.

Did you know....?

Did you know...that the 36° 30´ line was what was used to decide whether a state was a free or slave state.

Did you know...?

Did you know...that the South did not vote for a candidate for the Election of 1860 because they thought and felt that Stephen Douglas had Double crossed them by supporting popular sovereignty.

South Secedes (December 1860-June 1861)

Secession was what caused the outbreak of war in December 1860 all the way up until June of 1861. Eleven of the Southern States dropped out of the Union. All of the States that dropped out of the Union were Slave States. They dropped out because they wanted slavery still and Abraham Lincoln said there was to be no more slavery, that he believes all men are created equal. Eleven States may have withdrawn but, there was still Twenty-one other states that were part of the United States.

Was it inevitable that the United States had the Civil War or could it have been avoided?

I think that there was no way the Civil War could have been avoided. I think this because the people were all fighting about different things. But, in the end they were fighting over slavery and popular sovereignty.
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