By B. C.


  • The jaguar is a mammal
  • It has brown spots with golden fur
  • Jaguars have a white belly and white markings
  • It is a big cat actually the biggest cat after the lion and tiger
  • the jaguar can grow up to 2.4 meters in length and an weigh up to 120 kg.

Food chain and habitat

  • Jaguars live in South America,usually near a source of water and dense forests
  • They often live in dens or caves
  • It prefers rain forest climates
  • They are carnivores that love to eat fish and turtles
  • Jaguars have a stalk then pounce hunting technique rather than a chasing technique
  • The have strong muscles used for claiming trees not for running


  • Jaguars can run 50 to 60 mph if they are being chased
  • They are very aggressive
  • They have short limbs, muscular bodies, and strong jaws that make it easy to catch prey with one bite
  • Jaguars have good climbing skills for when the forest floor floods
  • They also can swim in shallow waters

Reasons for endangerment

  • Deforestation and poachers are the main reason jaguars are endangered
  • Poachers hunt jaguars and sell them for a lot of money
  • The cutting down of forests takes away the jaguars protection for hunters
  • Humans slash-and-burn their habitats in south and central America
  • Jaguars often get shot because people think they are extremely dangerous