Paul Taylor

By: Maddie Pulaski

Paul was born on July 29, 1930, in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania. Paul was a modern dancer and choreographer. He had his own dance company in 1954 and it was called, "The Paul Taylor Dance Company." One of his firsts works in his dance company is called, "Jack and the Beanstalk." Their first performance as a dance company was in Europe in 1960.
Paul trained under modern dance greats like Martha Graham and joined the Graham dance company as a soloist in 1955. He also worked with choreographers Merce Cunningham and George Balanchine, which they created the solo work "Episodes."
Some of Paul Taylor's famous work pieces are "Three Epitaphs" (1956), "Airs" (1978) , and "Speaking in Tounges" (1988), on all of these dances he created, he covered a range of topics like love, religion, and war.
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