Catalog Design Tips

Catalog Design Tips for driving successful Marketing & Advertising Campaign

Although internet has taken over, still print has its own place when it comes to advertising. In-fact print has a longer effect on people’s mind. Catalog is a part of print advertising which offers a convenient format in which you can present your information in a visually enticing way. Catalogs have a longer 'life span' than most other forms of print marketing. Keep your products and services in front of your audience for longer with catalog marketing.

A company - whether that’s a startup or an established brand, both need to first drive branding activities and gradually generate revenue by promoting their products and services. One such branding activity is Catalog designing, where the printing company plays a very crucial role for the company. They act as a detailed source of information about products and services of a business. By understanding how to create an effective catalog design, you can attract customers or clients so that they can learn more about your brand.

A catalog designing company in India lists some important tips to focus while designing and printing for effective Marketing and Advertising. With new year and new beginning ensure your catalog has all the guidelines that are mentioned below.

Catalog Cover Page: It is said that the first impression is the last impression. The catalog cover is a very important aspect of the catalog. The cover must be aesthetically appealing and is important to convey what the contents include. The Cover can be styled with the overall theme of the catalog composition with a hint of brand elements. You can add various elements to the catalog cover like adding a catchy phrase or a stunning photograph to make it look enticing to the eyes of customers. The vector format Graphics are recommended for modern and entertaining advertisements.

Catalog Insides: The interior pages of a catalog are usually printed on a light weighted paper stock than what is used for the cover of it and it should be user friendly too. Larger catalogs should have a table of contents, folios or tabs. The catalog should be enough convenient so that the user must be able to find all information that is required to make a purchase, or risk of losing the sale. To add the extra zing and to make your company more transparent, one can always include operations/process of production or simply add snapshots of the company. This not only brings trust but also helps in increasing the credibility of the company.

Catalog Copy: Apart from this, a brief company profile helps the audience to know you better. To bring the essence of your company concisely make sure that you hire a good copywriter. It is recommended that the catalog copy is relevant enough to connect with the audience or demographic that you are trying to reach.

Catalog Layout: The distribution of products and services on the catalog should be strategically done to maximize exposure. Customers want to know what's new and exciting, so guide them with special collection and award winning pieces separately. Each section/category can be divided with specially designed pages. You can add pages that can comprise of specially shot images or model shoot picture in the catalog design.

Catalog Photography: The best catalogs are highly visual. It is typically better to show and photograph each product separately. In a product like jewelry, you can click photographs from a single angle so that the designer can combine them later. Further when a product is individually shot, the focus and angle can be rightly captured. A good photograph can depict depths and detailing of the product precisely. Photography enhances the quality of your catalog.

Catalog Back Page: Like fashion, design industry too has its own style and trends. Emphasis on the back is the trend for 2016. In terms of catalog designing, one can add some pop element with witty quote or interesting thought which ensures the customer to come back to your catalog. You can also mention responses from your client which adds a gesture from both the parties and has an effective retention power in the mind of the user. Remember to mention your contact details on it.

Catalog Printing: Selecting the right color scheme also matters in brand-building. You can use your logo colors or other colors to represent your brand. Products which are presented in full color look more attractive and help in grabbing customer’s attention and helps in driving sales as compared to one or two-color catalog designs. Only in some selected cases the modest cost savings of one or two-color printing are justified. Apart from colors, use special papers for printing. Apply various post production techniques. Choose the right font to make a powerful impact.

A five Point Something Before You Start:

Determine your objective.

Determine your target audience

plan the elements that will be included

organize your products into defined groups

Begin to plan, write and perfect the copy


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