Video conferencing

Video Collaboration for Legislative and Judicial Vertical

E-Court - video conferencing for courts & Jails

Worldwide, Tele-justice has emerged as a secure way of carrying out legal proceedings. By installing PeopleLink video conferencing system at the courthouse as well as the prison facility, defendants can participate in all legal procedures without law enforcement having to shoulder the dangers associated with jail-to-courthouse prisoner transmit. PeopleLink with its unique MCU splitting and combining architecture have developed features to use in the existing Servers, PCs, Cameras and Microphones for the mass deployment of the solution, without any compromise in quality or security.


The E-Courts aims at effective ICT establishments in lower courts in the country for their functioning.They envisage deployment of hardware, software and networking to assist the District and Rural courts in streamlining their day-to-day functioning. Key functions such as case filing, registration, case work flow, orders and judgments can get IT-enabled., Case status of , judgments can now be available on the on the web and made accessible to litigants, advocates, and the general public. Respectively to minimize the convict transmit security hassles

Legal Aid:

Jails linked with PeopleLink Video Conferencing facility &the District Courts can conducting judicial remand extension of under trials, imparting legal consultation to the accused with their legal advisers, conducting remote trails quicken the judicial proceedings as per the fast track court objectives.

Tele-Visitation allows inmates to communicate remotely with their families. Ensuring lower security glitches and providing an appropriate environment for small kids and families to interact with their relatives.Evidence recording: Using peopleLink Video Conferencing the courts can effectively record all the evidences, be it video recording documents etc along with the entire proceeding to access it from the digital library.