Aiden Kaba

What's news?

  • Paul and his mom get to the new house in Lake Windsor and eat pizza with Erik and his dad.

  • Mom calls 911, because there is smoke.

  • Lightning struck in the new house, so they had to reset all the alarm clocks, VCR’s, computers, and stereos.

  • Paul gets back from biking around the neighborhood and finds a black jeep Cherokee in the driveway.

  • Paul and his mom meet Mr. Costello

  • Erik gets on the football team.

  • Dad and Mom talk about the fire man’s late response for the muck fire in the neighborhood.

  • Paul and his mom visits the middle school

  • Erik has a friend over and they are kicking the football off the house, which annoys Paul in his room.

Erik Fisher Football Dream Update

Visual traits Contrast

Erik: Erik has good eye sight, so he doesn’t need glasses to see better.

Paul: Paul is vision impaired. He needs to have glasses on and has to take a special class at the middle school.

Activities Contrast

Erik: Erik is the kicker on the football team. Football is his activity.

Paul: Paul plays soccer. He is the goal keeper.

Activities Comparison

Erik and Paul both play a sport. They both think they are really good, because Paul says he is the star goalie and Erik says he is an excellent kicker

In conclusion, Paul and Erik are brothers, but they have many contrasts between them and only a few comparisons.

Tragedy Strikes

Mike Costello’s death was a tragic accident in football practice on September 5.

It was football practice. First, Mike Costello was playing football and standing in the end zone with one hand on the yellow goal post. Suddenly, there was a flash of lightning and Mike went flying through the air and landing on his back. After that, the ambulance and police came. The coaches and parents were doing CPR on Mike while waiting for the ambulance to rush Mike to the hospital. Later at the hospital, they officially pronounced Mike Costello dead. Finally, Erik came home and told mom about everything. Next, mom tried to start a committee to make sports safer so nobody gets hurt.

In conclusion, Mike Costello death was a tragic accident at the football field the night of Tuesday September 5th.

MOYA Close Up

MOYA is the ‘Month of Young Adolescents.’ It demonstrates changes going on as you grow up.


Cause: Erik is growing up. He doesn’t think little brothers are cool. He hangs out with his friends, not his brother Paul.

Effect: Paul gets made fun of and bullied by Erik and his friends.

Greater strength as you age

Cause: Mike Costello is a young man playing football, because he is strong and talented.

Effect: Since Mike Costello is strong and playing football he dies on the football field.

Feeling Insecure

Cause: Paul is getting older. He has glasses and he gets made fun of a lot.

Effect: As he gets made fun of a lot, he starts to feel insecure about himself and all of a sudden, doesn’t like wearing glasses, because he’s scared of what people think of him.

In conclusion, there are many things that happen as you age.


Attention! Serrvice Meeting in Mike Costello’s honor at the football field on October 23!

In tragedy, Mike Costello died at the football game on September 5th. In honor, we are hosting an event at the football field. Please bring donations, food, friends, and family to respect the Costello family. For mike, please bring something memorable to him for the family to keep and cherish. Mike’s death was a tragic accident and we hope for the best and we keep him in our prayers.