Southern Colonies

By: Bryson, Erin, Ihylyah, Denis

When and what colonies were established?

Virginia - 1607

Georgia- 1732

Carolinas- 1653

Maryland- 1634

The Climate And Reasons For Settlement


-warm and damp

-hot summers

Reasons of Settlement

-wanted religious

-freedom to create own rules and constitution

Geographic Features

Geographic features

-located on the coast

- good fertile land

- flat coastal plains

- swamps, creeks and rivers

- NC has both Blue Ridge and Smoky Mtns.

Religious Influences






Major Cash Crops

Major Cash Crops



-pine forest



Government And Important Groups/People


-representative government

Important Groups/People

-Sir George Calvert

-Virginia Company

-Cecilius Calvert

-Nathaniel Bacon

-John Locke