Carolina Northern Flying Squirrel

About This Endangered Species


The Carolina Northern Flying Squirrel is a a small nocturnal sliding mammal that is about 10-12 inches long. The Carolina Northern Flying Squirrel, also known by it's scientific name of Glaucomys Sabrinus, is a type of mammal that that glides using piece of skin from it's waist to it's ankles and it's flattened tail. This type of Flying squirrel feeds off of certain types of fungi and lichens and sometimes nuts and fruits. The Carolina Northern Flying Squirrels are found in the southern Appalachian Mountains in northern hardwood trees.


Why this species is Endangered?

The North Carolina Flying Squirrel is in danger of extinction because of mainly the human-impact on their habitats. Some of the impacts humans have on these habitats are habitat destruction, fragmentation, and any other alterations to the environment (e.g. clearing of forests), pollution, recreational/residential development, and the introduction of exotic pests or invasive species. The way that we can help save the Carolina Northern Flying Squirrels is by making sure to protect the habitats of the squirrels from any human related disturbances. We can achieve this by creating borders, signs, or fences to make sure no humans disturb their habitats and cause these flying squirrels to go into extinction.