Hurricane Audrey 1957

What are hurricanes?

A hurricane is a tropical storm that forms out on the Atlantic Ocean.It is a storm that spins counter clock wise and lives off of the warm water.If not warned correctly it can be dangerous

to many people.


A hurricane forms from the air cooling off very quickly the higher you go.The wind speed must be the same to force air upward from the ocean.A hurricane maintains strength through energy by warm ocean water.Hurricanes usually form 5 to 15 degrees south and north of the equator.Around 90 percent of all hurricanes die because they lost their warm ocean water.


Hurricanes are categorized by wind speed and damage.A category 1 hurricane's wind speed is 74-96 mph.A category 2 wind speed ranges from 96-110 mph.A category 3 wind speed is 111-129 mph.A category 4 wind speed ranges from 130-156 mph.A category 5 hurricane's wind speed is 157 or higher.Hurricanes are named by a list that scientists use.There are six lists with boys and girls names in alphabetical order.


My historical hurricane is Hurricane Audrey 1957.My hurricanes was found June 24th and

made landfall on June 27th.Audrey was a category 4 hurricane when it made landfall.The hurricane Audrey of 1957 was very destructive to the USA.Hurricane Audrey made landfall on

the Texas-Louisiana border it lost energy and died.

In America we have a lot of hurricanes and tropical storm.But we also have hundreds of hurricanes around the world every minute of the day.There are many different names for a hurricanes like typhoon,cyclone,and other great names but they all lead down to a very destructive and terrifying storm.Hurricanes can happen at anytime,anywhere,and that is why

there are people out there to help find and protect people like us.That is what I think hurricanes are all about.