The Real World

The application of computer skills in reality

Kids always assume that most of the things they learn in school will be useless to them in the real world. Even though we may not end up using trigonometry, we will be needing our computer skills.

THIS is where you learn to apply those skills.

The skills we will need

  • We all need to know how to use Presentation Software. Many businesses have clients, and you may/will be asked to create a presentation to sell your product. That may be a toy or it may be a computer, but the fact is it is important to know how to make a good presentation. They teach us that in our Computer Technology classes.
  • Word Processing is also a big thing we use today. We use it a lot to send in reports, classwork or otherwise.
  • We also use things like Word or Smore to make things like flyers or invites to parties.

We all use them, all the time

We use our computer skills everyday, in our daily lives. So, it isn't hard to see how they can be useful to us outside of school.