Plague During 16th century england

The Bubonic Plague

The Plague

During the 16th century there was repeated outbreaks of the Plague. It wasn't just in populated towns such as London, it also spread through the country side. People that had the disease were sealed in their house. Their houses were locked and bolted from the outside. A watchmen would lower food down to people that were locked in their house. The death cart laborer would get all the dead victims and put them into a pit called the plague pit it was 20 feet deep. These outbreaks were caused by fleas that lived on rodents. Some of the symptoms of the plague was painful swelling, high fevers, muscle pains, bleeding in the lungs, and a desire to sleep. Queen Elizabeth was deadly afraid of the disease and moved to Windsor Castle and she had anyone that came from London to be hanged. As medicine they used all different kinds of herbs such as mint and balm for healing stomach pain, also rose or lavender for head aches.