Math for Special Educators


Math Foundations

Aug. 8, Aug 9, Sep 29, Oct 24, Oct 25

$100 per day stipend for the August dates!

Sub reimbursement for school days

This 5-day course for Oakland County special educators deepens understanding of the components of number sense which are foundational to any curriculum or intervention tools used with students with an IEP. The course is designed to provide intensive professional learning with an emphasis on building mathematical content knowledge to design specialized instruction. The focus is for teachers to assist students in building strong mathematical connections that promote mathematical coherence as opposed to solely developing techniques, strategies or “tricks” for answer getting. In addition, this professional learning is appropriate for general education teachers, resource room teachers, teacher consultants or school psychologists who are involved in the identification and instruction of students who may have a specific learning disability in mathematics and are taking the M-STEP assessment. Special Note: If you are a teacher working with students who take Mi-Access, please see the Math Foundations Academy for Alternate Assessment. Register here

Math Foundations for Alternate Assessment

Aug. 10, Aug. 11, Aug. 12, Sep. 30, Oct. 26

$100 per day stipend for the August dates!

Sub reimbursement for school days

This 5-day course is a research-based professional learning opportunity for educators of students with moderate to significant disabilities who participate in the alternate assessment. Educators will learn the “Components of Number Sense” model in order to make strong mathematical connections and practice applying math concepts rather than relying on procedural methods. Dr. Christopher Cain will present a way of understanding and teaching mathematics to struggling students - from building the understanding of number to developing understanding of function – that will challenge and enhance teachers’ current thinking about mathematics education. Register here

Developing Number Knowledge Hybrid Book Study

Aug 10 3:30-6pm & Nov 7 3:30-6pm with online activities in-between

30 SCECHS available

Link to register!! This hybrid book study for Oakland County Special Education staff only, will provide introductory knowledge of assessment and intervention for numeracy. Participants will explore the learning progressions for addition, subtraction, place value, multiplying, and dividing. Participants will be provided opportunities to learn from reading, videos, evaluating student work samples, and web-based activties. Teachers will receive classroom ready games and manipulatives as a bonus for participating. Note: There is no charge for this event. To be eligible for variable SCECH credits, participants must have completed a minimum number of the online activities and attend both face-to-face sessions at Oakland Schools

MI2 Enhancing Instruction for Students with Learning Difficulties

Oct. 19, Nov. 15, Jan. 31 *Workshop will be held at the EAC Building, Birmingham Schools

This series, designed for teams of middle grades general education and special education teachers, provides an approach and strategies for making mathematics more accessible to a range of students, particularly those with learning disabilities. The mathematics content of the series will focus on the teaching and learning of algebraic expressions and equations across grades six through eight. Select units from the CCSSI Mathematics Curriculum Materials will be integrated into the series and used as contexts for classroom-based explorations and for discussions of content and pedagogy.