It's Getting Hot in Here!

It's that time of year folks! The days are getting longer and shorts are getting shorter, but everything will not be all easy breezy. Summer's heat can be the cause of many health concerns. Be sure to follow the simple steps to staying safe or your ice cream melting won't be the only thing you have to fret about.

Heat Exhaustion

Heat exhaustion is the body' to excessive loss of water through sweating. People working or exercising heat are prone to heat exhaustion.

Heavy sweating

Extreme weakness


Clammy skin


Muscle Cramps

Fast and shallow breathing

Treatment: Have victim rest in cool area, loosen any tight clothing, have the victim drink plenty of fluids, and apply cool wet cloths to the body.

Heat Stroke

Heat stroke is very serious and is when the body cannot control its temperature. The sweating mechanism fails and the body's temp can rise up to 106 degrees in the span of10-15 minutes.

Hot/dry skin



Throbbing Headaches

High body temper


Slurred speech

Treatment: Call 9-1-1, move victim to cool dry place, saturate the victim with cool water, fan them, pack ice into the victim's heat loss areas (underarms, groin, neck), maintain open airways.

Medical Emergecies Project

Destiny Evans

Mrs. Elizabeth Ford

First Aid & Safety

19 November 2013