The JFK Assassination

By: Tori Siuzdak


On November 22,1963 there was a tragic event took place. The president, John F. Kennedy, was assassinated. He was shot while traveling in a parade by Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. Stories have led us to believe that Harvey Lee Oswald was the assassin who alleged got 3 shots off. The reason of such controversy is because although they have forced the fact to place Oswald as the shooter; there have been other coincidences that have led many Americans to believe otherwise.
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The news of the event spread rapidly through news reports like radio and newspapers. This event was portrayed that President Kennedy was assassinated at random without a reason to believe he had done something to cause this. As the time passed after the event many conspiracies were created. A main bias that was found was bias by source selection. These selections were made very carefully in order to persuade the public to believe what they were being told. This event is definitely looked at through historical criticism due to the impact that this had cause on our country.
JFK assassination

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