Hertzog Headlines

recent happenings in 4th grade - Week of November 9 - 13


This week in ELA we looked at different types of writing including poetry, prose and drama. We looked at what these types of literature look like and how to identify them as such. We also looked at opinion or persuasive writing and some of us began writing this type of essay. I want to apologize in advance if you get a letter trying to persuade you to change a rule or previous request. I am attempting to stay neutral on these topics but am encouraging convincing writing and details. Feel free to write a rebuttal back to your student with plenty of evidence yourself! :)


This week we continued on division within our flexible groups. Each teacher is moving at a slightly different pace. Your student may still be working on dividing multi-digit numbers by a single digit, or they may be moving on to estimating quotients and interpreting remainders of word problems. Please continue to work on basic multiplication and division facts!

Social Studies

We began our unit studying Native Americans this week. Students are researching a particular tribe with a group. After our research is complete, we will discuss what we will do with the information. All of this research is being done at school.

Behavior continued to be a concern this week. Many students are struggling with being kind, following directions quickly and staying on task. I appreciate your support at home on these matters.

Donations Needed

Thank you for the donations, and keep them coming if you are able. We are still in need of dry erase markers, colored pens and note cards. Also, remind your 4th grader about keeping track and taking care of their supplies. There have been some reports of supplies being "stolen." Although this is possible, it is more likely that these supplies have simply been misplaced.

Dates to Remember...

November 16th - 4th grade Spelling Bee @ 2:00 in the cafeteria. Parents are invited!

November 18th - Papa Murphy's Night

November 19th - Pastries with Parents with last names A-L 7:00 a.m.

November 20th - Pastries with Parents with last names M-Z 7:00 a.m.

November 23rd - 4th - 6th grade Spelling Bee

November 25th - 27th - No School for Thanksgiving Break

Melissa Hertzog

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns!