Perseverance - The ultimate goal

By Geoffrey Tian: ELA Block 5-6

What is Perseverance?

What do most people think of perseverance? It might be trying for the school basketball team after not making the team last year, or continually working hard to achieve the nobel peace prize; In general, perseverance is to make continual effort despite adversity, difficulty, and opposition to reach a certain goal.

Explore the diverse lives of these few individuals who persevered throughout all their life.

The tenacious life of Winston Churchill.

Winston Churchill during World War II, during a time where he had to lead his entire country into war against Nazi Germany. >>>>

Winston Churchill is an eloquent and inspiring historical figure. He was born in 1874 to Lord Randolph churchill and Jennie Jerome, and was a brother to Jack Churchill, his brother, born six years after him. As a child, he was raised by Elizabeth Everest, up until he was sent to boarding school at age eight. He was a troublemaker, but also a very successful student, as he was accepted into the well-known Harrow school and Royal Military College.

Throughout his life he has shown perseverance, enthusiasm in his work, and successfulness. For example in 1894, Churchill left Royal Military College, Sandhurst as the best in class and given commission as a cavalry officer. He also forced out of politics several times, but came back again and again. However, he is best known for leading Britain in World War II. During this time, he was made Prime Minister, boosted morale, and joined forces to defeat Nazi Germany. Winston Churchill once said, “Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never-in nothing, great or small, large or petty-never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force, overwhelming might of the enemy.” From this quote, we know that Winston Churchill was a very inspiring and tenacious person who never gave up.
Eleanor Roosevelt was an ambitious and strong-willed woman who persevered throughout all her life for many noble causes.

During his presidency, Franklin Roosevelt's body had already been damaged by polio. His wife, Eleanor, did not allow hims to yield to the disease and made him continue his work instead of "sitting around and waiting for death to come".

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Losing to Win

How is it possible to lose to win? Maybe it might be in a game where you lose points to win, or when one loses, they gain a valuable experience. The Lady Jags basketball team of Carroll Academy have been playing on a losing streak of over 200. Although they've lost so much games, they have won something more important than just a basketball game.

In the video Losing to Win, several girls are sent to Carroll academy for a variety of reasons, some including drugs and running away from home. When they arrive at Carroll, they are put on the Carroll basketball team - but for a reason different than competing against other teams. In the basketball team, they are inspired to compete with their problems and overcome them. Drugs. Parental Neglect. Mental issues. These are only some of the problems that many of the girls on the lady jags basketball team at Carroll academy have. These problems cause much frustration and anger to these girls. Every day they go home, to a place that may not even be able to be called home from school. To make matters worse, instead of a cheerful “Welcome home honey!”, they get a feeble grunt from a drunk parent, possibly high on drugs, and not taking a thing of what their child is doing. No matter how hard they try, they cannot resolve these issues, which only makes them angrier and lose trust with many people. Despite these issues, the girls still have hope. At Carroll, they play basketball on the school team, and the coaches there inspire them to help overcome the adversities in their life by cheering them on and giving never-ending support. Even though their team has a 208 losing streak, they continue to play, and thus, they will eventually learn the things that they need for the future, especially when they go back to high school. Overall, the girls here on the lady jags team of Carroll academy are special for a different reason - not because they can play basketball well, but they are suffering from many issues in their lives. At Carroll academy, the coach on their team gives their their last hope and opportunity, which allows them to overcome these problems they have, and give them the spark of ignition for their last hope.

What does it mean to carry on? It could mean carry on, like carry on luggage, or to "carry on" after a disaster. Dartanyon and Leroy are two individuals who have done both.

This is Dartanyon during the paralympics. Even though he lost to the UK in the, he showed great resilience and refused to yield to his loss. At the end, he got a bronze medal.

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Jackie Robinson was always an important player in baseball. However, it wasn't the amount of home runs or base steals that he made that affected the game. It was what he did for the game itself, and in general, society.

During Branch Rickey’s baseball career, he played with many teams and many players. However, he never forgot one player who had to endure agony beyond belief. His team was going to a hotel to stay the night before the game, and as his fellow player was a negro, he was not allowed to have his room in there. As a result, Rickey offered him a cot in his room, but the mind inside him was still disturbed. As he lay on his cot that night, Rickey saw his fellow teammate scratching his hands so hard as if he wanted to peel his skin off. When he asked him what was wrong, he sobbed, “It’s my hands. If they weren’t black, I would be good as any white player.” As a result of that memory, when Rickey became the owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers, he decided to conduct his famous “Noble Experiment” to level the baseball diamond. He couldn’t have been more delighted when he met Jackie Robinson.

Jackie Robinson played in the Negro league before Branch Rickey sought out a meeting with him. A black player in an all-white pastime caused a massive uproar from fans and spectators. As a result, whenever Jackie Robinson was on the field, spectators booed and laughed nastily when he struck out. Pitchers threw beanballs (balls aimed purposely at the batter’s head) at him, and base runners would run into and tackle him on purpose. However, during their meeting, Rickey had told Robinson that “he was looking for a black player who had guts not to fight back.” Robinson promised him that and kept his word on it, so he would never let such seemingly petty things overwhelm him. After a period of time, everyone realised that Jackie Robinson was just as good as any other white player, and finally accepted him for what he was, finally leaving the memory of one black player’s suffering at peace.


Perseverance is always easier said than done. All of these individuals did not say that it was. Their stories provide a mute testimony that perseverance will always help one throughout all of their life. No matter what, if one keeps trying, they will always win.

After all, it is hard to beat someone who never gives up.