Vampire Squid

By: Destiny Pemberton

Interesting facts

  • The scientific name for a vampire squid is Vampyrotheuthis Infernalis.
  • Vampire squids have weak muscles and because of this people thought that they would swim really slow, but they can actually swim very rapidly in a short period of time using their fins.
  • They also have the largest eye-to-body ratio of any animal in the world.


  • Recently, it has been discovered that Vampire Squid eat "Marine snow".
  • In other words they eat feces, other fish that are dead, and snot that sinks from above.
  • Whenever they eat they open their tentacles and gather food into their mouths, which is in the center of their tentacles, and when they get enough they close their tentacles.


  • The squid is a reddish blackish color.
  • It also has 8 webbed tentacles and each of them have spikes in two rows called cirri.
  • They have large eyes that are red or blue depending on the light.
  • They have white,beak-like jaws.


  • Vampire Squid live 2,000 to 3,000 ft. deep in the ocean
  • They are mostly found in tropical oceans.
  • They live in the oxygen minimum zone (OMZ) which is a place where oxygen saturation is too low to support higher organisms with aerobic metabolism


  • When Vampire squid reproduce, the male deposits sperm into the sac of the female.
  • The female doesn't lay many eggs, but the eggs are large.
  • The female takes care of the eggs needs until they hatch, which is about 13 months.
  • Once the offspring are born the female dies.
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