Save The Brushy Creek Trail !

By: Meghanasri

What information we need in order to figure out how we are going to fix this major problem? Watch this video and learn more about the Brushy Creek Trail

The Brushy Creek trail needs your help to save all the wildlife and the beauty of the trail. This trail is chosen to get rid of in some places and is being replaced with transmission lines to get more energy to Round Rock. Now stop right there, don't think there is no way to stop this terror. There is many other ways that we can get the energy we need to survive without taking this route. Lets go into more and keep reading.

Lets Explore Into More of The Brushy Creek Trail- Some Fun Facts!

If I would ask my self how many notebooks will fit in the whole entire trail right now what would we do? All we need to do is n=63360 x 2.5/10 because the notebook is 10 inches long. Think Time - Answer- 15,480 notebooks. Notebooks is n

If I would ask myself how many big glue sticks would fit in the all the places that they are thinking to build (15 miles) what would we do? All we need to do is g=63360 x 15/4. Think Time - Answer- 95,040 gluesticks. Glue sticks is g

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Lets explore into more of what will happen to the trail!

Lets see how much vegetation will be lost if they put these transmission poles near the trail. The operation that you will apply is v= 2.5 x 5380 x 100 because the transmission poles need to be cleared out a 100 feet wide from the bottom. v= loss of vegetation.

We will take a break from all this math and find some more fun facts!

How many men (6 feet) can fit in the whole height of the transmission poles?

h= 140/6. Think time. Answer: 23 men and 1 toddler. h= height of men. (1 toddler because the other portion of the answer is about a toddler which is about 2.5 ft.

Now to end this chapter and fight the change!

Now as you see right here is a big article just about the one and only Brushy Creek Trail. Now you might think that this whole article is just for fun, but trust me, if I wasn't interested in the trail and what is happening to this amazing and mind blowing event, I would have never had any interest. Now since you read this article I want you to go to the link below and find a new way that LCRA can build the poles but still not go through the trail and destroy all the beauty. Go to the Brushy Creek Trail and see for yourself how this amazing trail is in person.