Growing, prancing, feeding

Flowing quietly



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I am fire

Crackling on the ground

Roaring loudly

Burning wood

I dry water

I cook food

I am fire


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Rhyme scheme

There were three brothers in the forest

they played and ran around

they grew tired and hit the ground

soon they became the broadest brothers in the world

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There was a man named Joan A

He had a friend named Ron B

Joan pushed him into a trash can A

They soon got banned from the stand B

and on the way home they listened to songs A


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makes me think of

Fall makes me think of leafs

Leafs make me think of blankets

Blankets makes me think of snow

Snow makes me think of colors

Colors make me think of leafs

Leafs make me think of fall

Fall makes me think of fun


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Ode to the wind

The wind blows everything giving us a refreshing breeze

The wind makes me feel cold on hot days

It makes me feel free and refreshed

I'm glad the wind is around with so many uses

I love the wind


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color poem

Green is the color of the grass in the morn

Green is the neon lights in the city

Green smells like cut grass in summer

Green tastes like fruit when I'm hungry

Green sounds like nature in the forest

Green paint on the wall

Green feels like a soft blanket

Green makes me feel happy

Green is the cooler that is relaxing


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My footsteps are silent like a mouse

My personality is as fun as a puppy

My height is like a tree

My speed is like a dog

My eyes are sharp like an owl

My hair is thick like a forest

My poem is special like a gem

I am the running water in spring

I am the forest


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One day I was so hungry I could eat a horse

I started to scavenge like a crow

I could not find anything of interest

It would be years until I get fresh food

I looked in the coldest place on earth the fridge

It was like a glacier in there.

There was nothing but ice.

I went to the fridge like a flash to look

It was like hide and seek

I looked in the back of the fridge

I got lucky to find some turkey

I made a sandwich the size of the empire state building


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