Glider for rent

Cirrus Std. OK-9443 ZT

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Ready for competition

We offer our Standard Cirrus OK-9443 ZT for rent. The glider is equipped with all instruments you need for use on a competition.

It also comes with a trailer which has openable top. The complete list of equipment is stated below.

The glider is insured for the whole season with partnership of 15 000 CZK (approx. 550 EUR).

The glider is available for the whole season 2014 except dates which are stated in the calendar below.

The glider is also available for PribinaCup 2014 competition or other competitions in the central Europe.

Instruments and equipment

  • primary flight recorder- LX 5000 FAI with electronic variometer
  • secondary flight recorder- Volkslogger
  • basic instruments- variometer, altimeter, air speed indicator, turn indicator, turn and slip indicator, compass, radio
  • 3 batteries (7 + 7 + 12 Ah)
  • parachute
  • one man assemble kit, wing stand, tail dolly, tow bar, wing wheel

If you are interested or you need more information please contact us.


The glider is located in Plzeň-Letkov airfield (Czech Republic).