My Reserch Project

Three Facts About My Topic...

1.) Often performed by untrained individuals in unsanitary conditions, these illegal abortions harmed women physically, increased the risks associated with future pregnancies, and even resulted in death.

2.) People hold sharply different views on whether or not a fetus should be protected. Many believe that life begins at conception, the moment when an egg is fertilized by a sperm. These people, who argue that even this earliest form of life has the same rights as a person, generally oppose abortion at any stage of pregnancy

3.) Restrictive abortion policies threaten both women and their children. In some parts of the world, unwanted children may be abandoned by parents, placing a great strain on the children and society.

In my opinion abortion is wrong. I think its wrong because the baby does not deserve to die because the mother does not want it.On the other hand......If the mother might have issues that my cause the baby to die when she is further along in the pregnancy. Or she might not want to have the baby if she is on drugs or anything that will make the child have a hard life.