4th Grade News

9/19- 9/23

Standards Based Grading

Will percentages be utilized?

Elementary teachers will not report proficiency via percentages at any grade level. Pure mathematical averages do not accurately report a child’s true level of proficiency with a standard. In fact, percentages can actually penalize a child for what he/she didn’t already know at the start of a unit of study. A variety of learning evidences over time, in conjunction with teacher professional judgment, and a child’s performance on a Final Demonstration of Learning is more strongly correlated to an accurate depiction of student learning. Teachers at our intermediate levels, particularly sixth grade will work with students to help them understand the ranges of Academic Indicators and how those will relate to the percentage grading system found in our middle schools. It should be noted, throughout middle schools many teachers are also practicing standards based grading. The transition to Standards Based Grading and Reporting is often most appropriate at the elementary level first where a foundation of learning is being built which requires measurement of self to learning target without the need to translate that data to grade point averages, class ranks, etc.

Questions from Curriculum Night

Thank you everyone that was able to attend curriculum night last Thursday. The question was presented: "Do students have more than one chance to earn an M on a FDOL (Final Display of Learning)?". We discussed this with Mrs. Ratty and she then discussed it with Dr. Collier. Dr. Collier stated that students receive one opportunity to take the FDOL unless the teacher feels there was an extreme circumstance that would have effected the students performance. Thank you for your patience as we are all learning the details of standards based grading.

Spelling Words- TEST 9/30

1. fact

2. began

3. clasp

4. rapid

5. able

6. later

7. space

8. stranger

9. grade

10. display

11. main

12. explain

13. freight

14. neighbor

15. weigh

16. vein

17. April

18. ankle

These words should also be glued or stapled in your child's agenda.

Important Dates

9/22- Trosen +/- Quiz

9/23- Dailey and Dowd +/- Quiz

9/29- Coding Club

9/30- Spelling Test

10/4- Mock Trial Club

10/6- 10/7- Narrative Writing DSA