the colour purple reveals years of abuse


The novel “the color purple” written and composed by Alice Walker is a book about young teenage girls being forced into marriage and slavery. This novel reveals a history of abuse through racial, slavery, sexual and vocal.

“your sister thinking bout marriage”

In this quote Alice Walker shows how Celies father is forcing her out of the house without choice because she is to old to live in the home and is good for nothing. This quote shows the abuse towards gender because she has no rights to work or earn a education all she is there to do is clean and feed children.

by the time I git back from the well, the water be warm. By the time I git the tray for the food be cold. By the time I git the children ready for school it be dinner time. He don’t say nothing. He set there by the bed

This quote shows us that celie is being used for slavery and has no choice but to do the work and be owned by somebody as a piece of property or tool to do work. This slavery has a effect on humans and causes cycological differences and physical. i believe that this is because us men think that females are weak and we can over power them.

is it really worth the pain and torture of our own humanity to get satisfaction. i believe that abuse towards the other sex is pointless, the color purple gets the point across that abuse is not needed and can be your satisfaction for a period of time but wreck the rest of the persons life mentally.