By: Tyler Durrett

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Poem #1

Cross arms

Embrace each other like a family

Laughing hysterically

Treat each other like brothers from the start

From day 1

To today

Through thick and thin

Willing to help each other

To the end

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Poem #2

Acting as I'm in charge,

for a funny picture.

Being goofy as always,

Steve just does what he does best.

Making people laugh,


Knowing that everything he does,

is funny no matter if he tries or not.

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Poem #3

Two strong men, Steve and Tyler, becoming the strength of the team

Working together

Leading the team

Working to be the best we can

Having each others backs

Winning games after games

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Poem #4

When we attended the team dinner,

Coach told us players,

to always try our hardest,

to never give up,

to have each others backs,

to become a family,

Coach wanted us to be the best we can

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Poem #5

Kyle, Claire, and Steve, my friends,

hanging out,

enjoying each others company,

being friends for many years now,

Us three guys always trying to act silly