Hong Kong's Economy

By Wyatt Davis

Hong Kong Dollar

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1 US Dollar = 7.75 Hong Kong Dollars

Hong Kong Menu

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My Summary of Hong Kong's Economy

Hong Kong has a free market economy. They highly depend on international trade and finance. The mainland of Beijing is Hong Kong's largest trading partner. In value, Beijing has made over half of Hong Kong's trades.

What I Learned

I learned many things during the project. One of the things that I learned is that one US dollar is equal to seven and three fourths Hong Kong dollars. I also learned that Hong Kong almost has twenty percent of it's people under the poverty line. One thing that I learned is that Hong Kong is a rich country. Their GDP per capita is fifty-two thousand, seven hundred dollars. That is how much money every person in Hong Kong would receive if they split up all of the money that the country has to all of the people. This is fifteenth in the world. I learned a lot more throughout this project, but those are just some of the main things I learned.