Social Workers

Consumer Ed period 7/8 by Jenny Guevarra

Career Description

As a social worker it is their job to help people in need. They help their client reach their goals by evaluating their strengths and needs and develop plans to help them improve. They can help a client by even just talking about something they’re going through like parents divorcing, illnesses, money issues, etc.


  • Help improve well being of client
  • Improve their client in a tough situation
  • Listen to their clients challenges(what they're going through family, money, school problems)
  • Evaluate strengths and needs to help reach their goals
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Schools with Social Work Programs

Job Outlook

Social Workers are constantly growing faster than the average occupation. Social Workers are expected to grow 20% by 2020.

Median Salary:



  • Bachelors degree in social work
  • Need a license(depending on the state)
  • Compassion and listening skills

Average Hours:

Social Workers work full time and usually work nights/weekends to meet with their clients. There also social workers at school who work the normal 7 to 4 job hours.