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August Newsletter

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Message from Mr. Tielke

Mustang Family Members,

It is an absolute honor to get to serve this amazing school community! We have had an amazing start to the school year! Thank you for entrusting us with your most precious resource the children we serve here at Lamar Junior High. Here at Lamar Junior High, it is essential that we work together as a school community.

Below you will find pertinent information with regards to the remainder of the school year and upcoming events. We are extremely excited about this school year and our staff have been very intentional about the experience we want to create for our school community!

Our next large event is our upcoming open house on September 5th. On that date, we will also be hosting a Title 1 Parent Engagement presentation prior to the start of the open house from 6:00 - 6:25 PM.

Please make sure to follow us on social media, and refer to the campus website!

It is a great day to be a Mustang!


Greg Tielke

LJH Principal

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LJH Campus Initiatives

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Save the Date

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LJH Book Fair Link (Click Here)

Don't miss out on a great opportunity to help to create awareness and promote a love for reading!

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Mustang Support Squad

Each stakeholder is a valued member of our school community. If you are looking to get involved we would love to hear from you. Please see the flyer below for more information on how you can get involved.
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In a continued effort to create a loving environment for our staff to refuel and recharge! This year one of the ways that a parent or organization can contribute is through our stocking the lounge initiative. Above you will find information on how to get involved with the "Mustang Support Squad"!

Beginning of the Year Orientation

Student/Parent Orientation Presentation (Click Here)

We hosted a student and parent orientation night prior to the start of school. During this time we review campus goals, initiatives, and other pertinent information for families to view. This information can also be found on our campus website.

Beginning of the Year Forms

BOY Forms are a mandatory requirement to be filled out at the start of each school year. These documents are required, and if you need assistance in completing these forms we would be glad to support you (see the information below).

We very much appreciate you taking the time to knock out all the required forms.

All student's families' beginning of-year forms (BOY) must be completed in Skyward.

Contact information such as phone number and email should be updated so that school officials can reach you during an emergency.

You should also include anyone you want to have access to your child during an emergency.

Any questions please contact Mrs. Adams @ 832-223-3204 ( or

Mrs. Hernandez @ 832-223-3208 (

It is extremely important that all of these forms are completed by the end of the week.

Attendance Matters

7th Graders: 403 Students = 99.87% Attendance Rate

8th Graders: 410 Students = 99.85% Attendance Rate

All Students: 813 Students = 99.86%

We will continue to keep a heavy focus on attendance and prioritizing students being in school. Each of you plays a huge role in how we respond. Distinction Designations are further broken down into content areas and achievement. ELA attendance, Math attendance, Science attendance, and Social Studies can be a determining factors on whether a school receives a distinction designation!

Please remember that attendance is also tied to exemptions each semester. Exemption policy and information can be found in the student code of conduct.

Every student, every day, one direction, one purpose!

For questions regarding attendance please reach out to our amazing attendance clerk.

Mrs. Hernandez @ 832-223-3208 (

Student Code of Conduct is one of the beginning of the year form requirements to review. We highly encourage any and all parents to view the student code of conduct in detail. Each year we host a student code of conduct assembly with all students the first week of school to help guide students to find success.

23/24 Student Code of Conduct LJH Assembly

Student Assembly Presentation

Our student assembly presentation can also be found on our campus website!

Lamar JH PBIS Matrix

In a continued effort to create an environment where students and staff can thrive, we have created the 3Rs to ensure success through PBIS. We are focusing on Ready, Respectful, and Responsible. Each of these 3R's have expectations according to the different environments to help them thrive. During the first weeks of school and during assembly presentations these positive school interventions were reviewed, taught, and will continue to be implemented for the 23/24 school year. Each of these visuals are located in the identified locations around campus for students and staff to view and refer to as we build a culture of success for our students.
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Lamar Junior High has zero tolerance for physical aggression, fighting, and bullying!

Vape Free Zone

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There are a lot of informational resources available to create awareness surrounding vapes. Below is a picture of a book solely committed to deterring the use of vapes and creating awareness of the danger of vapes. We are a vape-free campus/zone and no vapes are allowed on school grounds. In the event, you need more information regarding vapes your student's grade-level counselor can be a great resource as well.
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LJH Tardy Policy

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Here at Lamar Junior High, it is recognized as a sign of respect to be to class on time and in a timely manner. We have made adjustments to the different routes and locations where classes are held to help ensure students are able to get to class in a timely manner.

First Week of School: We coached students on how to get to their classes.

Second Week of School: We conducted tardy sweeps with warnings to support students.

This Week: Tardy Expectations are in full effect with the expectation of getting to class on time.

Dress Code 23/24 School Year

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Cellphone & Headphone Free Campus

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More information regarding the student cell phone policy can be found in the district student handbook. Each student will be provided a warning the first time. Anytime following the first time warning will incur a $15.00 Fee/Fine along with a disciplinary consequence.

SMART Tag & ID Expectations 23-24 School Year

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Mustang Family, students must always have SMART Tag identification visible same as the expectation we have for staff here at LJH. With that said we have a plan in place to help us implement this with fidelity. Below are the details you will need to know to support us as a campus.

SMART Tag Expectations are in (Full Effect): Monday, August 28

1) SMART Tags are a part of our mandatory dress code!

2) SMART Tags are to be worn at all times by students!

3) SMART Tag Dress Code Checks will occur at the beginning of each day in 1st Period.

4) 1st Period teachers will spot-check all students for having SMART Tags

We understand that there will be times a student forgets their SMART Tag or they have actually lost their SMART Tag and will need a new one printed. (When we print new ones the student will automatically be charged $5.00 as a replacement fee).

These charges will be tied to exemptions and the ability to participate in school reward-based events. Below are the steps a 1st-period teacher will take to ensure this expectation is met.

Step 1: An announcement will be made to prompt the SMART Tag Dress Code Check

Step 2: The 1st-period teacher will scan the room for SMART Tags

Step 3: Identify those that do not have a SMART Tag

Step 4: Identify if they just left it at home or if they have lost their tag and need a new one.

Step 5: If the tag isn't lost (document on a spreadsheet) provide a temporary badge.

- Teachers will be provided temporary badges to write the following

- Students First/Last Name & ID

- The teacher will keep track of temporary distribution, 3 instances w/ incur a referral.

Step 6: If the tag is lost and they need a new one you will submit their name to the form link.

- The teacher will follow Step 5

- The teacher will then fill out the Microsoft Form below so the front office can print

- The front office will print the badge and charge $5.00

Parents, we appreciate your support as we continue to make school safety and security a number one priority!

Student Bus Routing Information

Access Your Student's Bus Route Information (Parent Portal)

Parent Portal will display Student route information. The parent portal is accessible via

Parents can log into the Parent Portal, click Profile, click View Assigned Routes. For questions, you may also contact Rosenberg Dispatch at (832) 223-0289

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Lamar JH Dismissal Procedures

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If you need to pick your child up from school, it needs to be prior to 4:00 PM. Any time after 4:00 PM, you will need to enter the car pick-up line to follow our dismissal procedures. (notated by arrows on the map)

We dismiss our campus very strategically to ensure that safety and security are upheld.

Walkers are dismissed first, and they are expected to walk on the sidewalk in front of the school and head to the right or left.

We then dismiss our car riders, and car riders are only allowed to be picked up on the circle drive at the designated pick-up location by our gyms. (notated by arrows on the map)

  • Students are not allowed to cross the street as this is recognized as a safety risk.
  • All car rider students are expected to exit their classroom and head to the gym to be picked up in the designated area. (notated by arrows on the map)
  • Students who are car riders are not allowed to exit through the front of the school with walkers.
  • Please refrain from parking across the street, all families picking their children up must follow our car pick-up procedures. (notated in pink on the map)

All families picking up their child as a car rider must go through the car rider line and families must pick their children up at the designated location. (notated on the map by the gyms)

Following all our car riders exiting the building, we begin our dismissal of buses.

Below you will find a map to guide you on our dismissal procedures:

LJH Dismissal Process and Procedures Map.png

Thank you for taking the time to review and abide by our procedures.

Administrative Team

Counselors Corner

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Instructional Corner

Educational Resources

All Subjects

· PBS Kids


· BrainPOP -

· Khan Academy -


· Prodigy Math (

· GregTang Math (

· IXL Math (

· Study Jams! (Scholastic) -

· Desmos (calculator resource) -

· Math Playground -


· Star Fall (K-3)

· News ELA



· Study Jams! (Scholastic) -

Mustang Athletics

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Mustang Athletic Newsletter

Important Update (Students Attending Extracurricular Activities)

In a continued effort to ensure a well-rounded experience and student safety, any student attending an extracurricular event must be accompanied by an adult. An adult can accompany multiple students, but upon arrival to the event each student must be accompanied. In the event a student shows up to the event without an adult present they will be asked to contact their parent to be picked up. We also ask that any student attending an extracurricular event have a pre-arranged plan for getting home from each event. We can't wait to see our kids in action! Nothing is better than having our students and our school community involved in our school's success.
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23/24 Lamar Junior High Bell Schedule

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Parent Community Outreach (Resources)

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(School Community) Pro Tips

Offer your children the opportunity to reflect on what they learned daily.

Create opportunities for your children to reflect on how they are doing in school.

Use family access as a tool to monitor/review both grades and attendance with your child.

Don't hesitate to reach out when you need help we are here for you and your children.

Practicing literacy (reading/writing) and numeracy (math) skills

Build digital citizenship by monitoring how and what your children use their tech devices for.

Students receive the daily message of empowerment to do the right thing during tough times.

"If you see something or hear something make sure you say something".

Social Media, Canvas, and Skyward Tips

Check out our campus website to access the Canvas/Skyward resources.
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Mr. Tielke's Daily Announcements

Being to class on time is a sign of respect!

Mobile learning device signs are posted in classrooms, locker rooms, and restrooms to guide students as to when and where they can use their technology.

If you see something or hear something make sure you say something!

It's a great day to be a MUSTANG!