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Norms for the Day

  • Stay on schedule, be on time.
  • Participate and listen actively.
  • Take care of your self and your neighbor.
  • Prepare your technology for learning and engagement.
  • It's OK to have fun!

Agenda for the Day

9:00-9:10 Introductions/Norms/Expectations

9:15 -10:00 Twitter Basics

10:00-10:30 Tweety Bird Challenge

10:30-10:40 Break

10:40-11:10 Station One

11:10-11:40 Station Two

11:44-1:15 LUNCH

1:15-1:35 Plickers

1:40-2:10 Station Three

2:10-2:20 Break

2:20-2:50 Station Four

2:50-3:15 Hootsuite and

3:30-3:30 Wrap Up and Evaluations

Twitter Basics

Let's Practice

Tweet out something you learned about Twitter with #esc17 #edtech and @emily_nowlain

Tweety Bird Challenge

1. Follow an edhead (check out the list linked above).

2. Search by hashtag- let's start with #esc17! What have people tweeted about today?

3. Search by hashtag #TCEA2015 and retweet something you like or could use later, make sure and hashtag with #esc17!

Twitter is a GREAT way to attend conferences while you are at home.

4. Find a chat you are interested in attending and tweet it out! #esc17

If you want a greater challenge...

Time to Rotate

There are a total of 9 different stations. We have set up four different rotations. All resources will be available online. There can only be a max of 15 people per station.

Glen Hill

Introductory workshop into Google Docs and Forms. This workshop will teach the basics of Google Docs and Forms in addition to showing their integration into a Social Studies classroom. Bring your technology!

Todd Davis

ITV- How can it work for your classroom?

Joseph Sledge

How to create and utilize Weebly as an online source for your classroom. This is an example from a Social Studies prospective, but can also be utilized in any course. The diversity and ease of this website make it a great tool that can be used in any classroom.

Gwen Mayo

Don't have money for student response clickers? Desire better engagement from your students? Want instant grading available in an Excel spreadsheet? Have a hankerin' for something fun and simple to use as a formative assessment? Then Kahoot! is the Web 2.0 tool for you. Participate in a Kahoot from the student view point, then get your teacher account setup in less than 30 seconds and begin creating your own Kahoot. You will have a hoot with Kahoot!

Elisha Reese

Session Description: Aurasma is an augmented reality (AR) tool that can be used to attach media content to any image (trigger). Teachers can use this tool to communicate information in the form of Auras through printed images in their classroom, on handouts or through their classroom websites. Students can access the Aura content by using the Aurasma mobile app.

Handouts and Resource Links:!aurasma/c1l0q

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Paula Taylor

"These are a few of my favorite ThingLinks"

Artistic icons are a valuable aspect of education. No matter how old or young your students are, they will love searching for the perfect pic and adding age appropriate links that demonstrate mastery. ThingLink is a fun way to formatively assess for any subject area, and then can be used for peer teaching. What a concept! Learn how your students can create a few of their own favorite ThingLinks!

Corey Butler

I am going to show the instructional benefits of setting up a digital classroom using Edmodo. A digital classroom adds to a teacher's ability to assess, discuss, and assign meaningful activities.

Jenny Gaona- Social Studies & Instructional Technology Specialist


Quality Questioning Reflections

Instructional Technology and the New Math TEKS

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No Technology- No Problem!

Let's play!

Everyone has their own "plicker", please answer the question to the best of your knowledge with your plicker card. Raise it up when you are ready!

Teacher scans the answers with phone and data is uploaded immediately!

What I LOVE about Plickers:

  • The only technology needed is my phone
  • Difficult for students to cheat
  • Data is uploaded immediately

What do you think?

Click on the link to get started!


Using Hootsuite & Tweetdeck to schedule your content

What is Hootsuite?

  1. Hootsuite is a social media management system for brand management created by Ryan Holmes in 2008. The system's user interface takes the form of a dashboard, and supports social network integrations for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare, MySpace, WordPress, TrendSpottr and Mixi.
  2. Hootsuite - Wikipedia, the free

Beginners Tutorial

What Is is a content curation platform, where users can curate information about any topic they want. Once you sign up, you will be able to create a topic of your choice (no limits) and start curating information. The site is geared towards providing users a very quick and easy way to “scoop” any information that you feel is relevant to the topic you have chosen. There are several ways you can do this, the easiest being via a drag and drop tool that you add directly on your browser.

Scoop.It Tutorial

Thanks for Coming!!

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