Moo York

We have MOOTASTIC chicken sandwitches!!


Come visit our masterpiece buildings! Our tallest building is the original, freshly made Moo Moo's Icecream Parlor! Moo Moo's Icecream parlor is in the shape of a cone with 1 vertex, 0 edges and 1 face. Next door we have Mary Moo's schoolhouse. This educational triangular pyramid has 4 verticies, 6 edges, and 4 faces. Right behind that there is the famous, the delicious........... if you haven't guessed yet it's Chickfila!!! Chickfila is a rectangular prism with 8 verticies, 6 faces, and 12 edges. Across the street we have the great and powerful Judge Cowey's Court. This cylinder building has 2 faces, 0 edges, and 0 verticies. Next we have the extraordinary planetarium!! This gold sphere has 0 edges, 0 faces, and 0 verticies. Finally, we have to cubic graffiti phone booths. These helpful cubes have 12 edges, 6 faces, and 8 verticies. Hope you visit these buildings soon!

The Statue of Butcherty

Come visit our beautiful Statue of Butcherty! This jaw-dropping figure will bring you to tears when you discover her holding the circuler sign of our freedom............ the no burgers sign.

Our streets

When your strolling around on our golden pathway you might notice our perfect lines. As you can see Milkyway road is perpindicular to the Main Moo. And Main Moo is parallel to Udder Lane. Also Milkyway Road and Cow Patty Street are parallel. Dairy Cow Driveway is intersecting Main Moo and Milkyway Road. The last perpendicular line is Cow Patty street and Main Moo. Hope you ride around soon!!!

Our FABUOUS sign

When you take your first stroll through Moo York you will see our welcoming sign. I bet the first thing that pops into your head is that this rectangle is almost exactly like the Las Vegas.